# Install LeoCorpLibrary

# Using Visual Studio

# 1. Add the library to a project

Click here (opens new window) to see the suport video.

If you wanna add LeoCorpLibrary, follow this steps:

  1. In Solution Explorer, right click to the project where you wanna add LeoCorpLibrary.

  2. Click on the "Manage NuGet Packages" menu.

Package Nuget

  1. A new tab has opened: make sure that your are in the "Browse" tab, and search "LeoCorpLibrary", and then, click on the first result.

Rechercher le package NuGet

  1. On the right, a panel opened: it shows all the informations about the package. Click on the "Install" button.


  1. A new window has opened, click on "OK". A second window may popup asking to accept the license. If it's the case, click on "I accept".


The reference LeoCorpLibrary has been aded to the project. You can verify this by opening the Reference or Dependencies item in Solution Explorer.

# 2. Start Coding

To call methods and use other features of LeoCorpLibrary, please add the following code in your using region (on top of the file).


using LeoCorpLibrary;


Imports LeoCorpLibrary

If you are using LeoCorpLibrary.Core, you need to adapt the code:


using LeoCorpLibrary.Core;


Imports LeoCorpLibrary


In the most recent versions of Visual Studio, IntelliSense automatically import the reference to your code if you type the name of a class or of a namespace.

Check out the reference to get started.

# Using .NET CLI

You can also install LeoCorpLibrary using the .NET CLI (opens new window). Type in a command line window (cmd, bash...) the following command:

dotnet add package LeoCorpLibrary --version

If you are working with a solution with multiple projects, you may wanna use the command below:

dotnet add <PROJECT> package LeoCorpLibrary --version


Replace <PROJECT> with the path to your project file.

And that's it! You have sucessfully installed LeoCorpLibrary for your project!

# Using PackageReference with .NET Core

To add a NuGet package in your project, you can follow these steps:

  1. Locate the .csproj file of your project.
  2. Open it in a text editor.
  3. Add an ItemGroup in the file (after the PropertyGroup) with the following synthax:
    <PackageReference Include="LeoCorpLibrary" Version="" />
  1. You can restore the project/solution by running the following commands:
dotnet restore <PROJECT>


nuget restore <PROJECT>


Replace <PROJECT> with the path to your project file.